Sepahan Pishtaz Electronic (SPE) with registration number 27343 was founded in 2005 and is a fully private corporation. We have earned some of the most important licenses from Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and are one of the most renowned and pioneering Iranian companies in the fields of design, implementation, renovation, installation, automation, networking, and infrastructure with the experience of completing more than 100 ENGINEERING PROCUREMENT CONSTRUCTION (EPC) and PRODUCT CONSTRUCTION (PC) projects.

Sepahan Pishtaz has a long and successful track record of EPC projects. This company was established with the goal of becoming one of the best engineering companies in Iran.

As a contractor, Sepahan Pishtaz has implemented almost all the necessary divisions needed to successfully carry out an engineering project. Some of these divisions are: electrical and electronic engineering, instrumentation, commerce, construction, and implementation.

Sepahan Pishtaz Electronic (SPE) is resolute in improving the quality of performance, increasing technical knowledge, cultivating empathy in personnel, and providing services with superior quality to satisfy the expectations of our customers.

Quality as an organizational policy is the commitment of our staff. On top of that, we aim to draw an honest picture of our characteristics for our customers.

In order to achieve these goals, we have done the following:

Achieving business customer and partner satisfaction

Provision of timely and up to date information and services for our customers

The never-ending improvement of our processes and operations

Observing technical and quality standards

Optimization and cost reduction

Establishing commitment to quality through incentives

Building mutual trust and respect

Working as a unified team

Continuously growing our technical knowledge

Maintaining and updating quality management Standards ISO 9000-2000

Installation & commission of data logger for Computer system R30 and working ability with SM128 card

Installation & commission of IBA data logger for PLC- S5 of Siemens and working ability with SM128 card

Installation & commission of data logger for PLC- S7 of Siemens based on Ethernet

Commission of data logger of TDC Siemens computer

Commission of IBA data logger for any automation system that is programmable & changeable for creating outputs (with use of FOB & PADU)

Powerful in configuring & troubleshooting IBA data logger

Installation & commission based on network in multi stations with IBA Analyzer

Powerful in configuring software setting of IBAPDA-Server, Client Design & use of layout

Consultation and engineering services in designing control and automation systems.

Consultation and engineering services in Installation and calibration of instrumentation equipment

Installation of electrical and automation equipment

Repair and maintenance of all electrical, control and automation systems

The official deputy of “Gino Company” in Iran

No. 38.Taher lane.58 St. Bagh Daryacheh st.

 Isfahan Iran

Postal Code: 817-677-85-61

Telefax:+98 311 7762892

Phone Call: +98 31-37760042   +98 31-37760043   +98 31-37769231